" I am the Dragon. And you call me insane. You are privy to a great becoming, but you recognize nothing. To me, you are a slug in the sun. You are an ant in the afterbirth. It is your nature to do one thing correctly. Before me, you rightly tremble. But, fear is not what you owe me. You owe me awe. "


Jorge Ben - Menina Bonita Não Chora

Only one of the most beautiful love songs ever written. Takes away so much of the sadness. This entire album is full of some of the most loveliest songs.


#[wraps protective muscular arms around his mongoose] #step the fuck down and shut ur mouths #or i will eat the tongues you used to utter words that make will uncomfortable#with pepper sauce and parsley #don’t even think i won’t #i’m the only one who gets to fuck (with) him #me #mine #property of dr. lecter 

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Mads Mikkelsen for FLAUNT mag.
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The gag reel is basically the Tumblr version of this show.

"Are we ever going to see your twin?" [X]

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